In a digital world, there are so many tools & systems out there that people often don’t know where to start.

Are you getting stuck accessing multiple free trials to see what system is right for your business, not really moving forward or making a decision because of the sheer volume to choose from.

Let me take the pain out of that decision for you.

Together, we will follow my 6 step process that will help you move forward and implement a great system that works perfectly for you!


- Audit of of your current systems, applications and tech tools.

- Discussion around where your business is currently and where you would like to go.


- Based on our discussions in stage 1, I will recommend 1-2 suitable tech tools based on your needs and budget.

Decision & implementation

- Decision on what system to move forward with is made.

- Together we make a plan and discuss a timeline for implementation.


- I set up the system, tool or automation on your behalf.

- I share with you the logon and password (which you should change) and save in your Lastpass secure password vault.


- I will provide a tutorial(s) on how to use the tool for you to save with your standard operating procedures.

- If you need me to, I will run a live training directly with you and/or your team (face to face or by Zoom).

SOS assistance

- SOS assistance and troubleshooting if something goes wrong or you need help with anything.

- Additional training if necessary for you and/or your team members.


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