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How does a New Zealand Virtual Assistant work with clients to help their businesses grow?

There is often confusion over what exactly a Virtual Assistant is.  Put simply, a VA is a person who works on your business with you remotely.  We aren't robots, or artificial intelligence devices called Siri.

While the majority of VA’s work remotely, some of us, are available for on site work as well.  Some work across all facets of administration from customer service, data entry, sales through to personal assistant services, event management, new system set up….and some have niched down to only a few key services, and end up being the industry expert in their field.

VA’s use cloud based tools to help you run your business, so that everything is done ‘virtually’.  It also makes things really easy to access, because they could be working anywhere from their home, a café, a co-working office, the beach….wherever!

Your security and confidentiality are vitally important to us however, so you wouldn’t find us working on sensitive material where others could see.  We also use tools such as Lastpass which is a password manager/vault for the safe storage of your computer logons.  See our blog post on Lastpass.  It was one of the first tools we set up for our business, and it has changed…..our…..lives!!!  No VA should be running a business without a similar system.

These days with technology, it is very easy to work with a VA.  We use tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams for video calling, and sharing screens.  Loom is another fantastic tool to use when you need to record a video tutorial for a client, or recording a process for your team.  Then of course, there is email, WhatsApp, text, phone and Office 365 lets you work on online documents at the same time.  There really are so many options!

You might wonder why you wouldn’t just employ someone full or part time.  Well let me tell you some of the things you may not have thought about that you can save on when engaging a VA:

  • IT equipment (desktop pc, laptop, monitor)
  • Software (Microsoft suite, G-Suite, Dropbox etc)
  • Tax
  • Stationery
  • Kiwisaver
  • Office/desk Space
  • Employee benefits
  • Training
  • Employee Leave (annual, sick, bereavement, maternity etc)

You pay for the hourly rate plus disbursements.  No hidden costs!

By delegating your to do list to a Virtual Assistant, you can spend your time on things you love doing!  Imagine being able to afford a senior administrator without having any of the usual employee costs associated with hiring an employee.

Melanco Consulting is based in Hamilton, but can work with clients all around New Zealand by using online tools and applications.  We are also available for onsite work in Hamilton.

Melanie Cosford, Chief Admin Wrangler / Director

My career has spanned across continents, from New Zealand, to London, Australia and back home again. Before becoming a mum, I was working up in Auckland and was stuck in the 9 – 5 grind, getting caught on the motorway for hours each day and not having much quality time left after hours.  Circumstances pushed me South once my daughter came along, and the thought of managing life with a baby up in Auckland didn’t appeal.  So I made the move permanent and haven’t looked back.

Over the years I’ve worked in mostly administrative roles from Reception earlier in my career, Personal Assistant roles in London, and then the more senior Executive Assistant roles back here in New Zealand.  I’ve worked in many different industries – small companies with only a few staff, through to large corporates.

I love getting stuck into a good project, whether it be organising an event, managing an office move or implementing a new process to make life easier.

Since being back in Hamilton, I’m enjoying getting to know the area again.  There really is so much to do here for young families.  Hamilton and the Waikato has come a long way since I was at school here.  My extended family live throughout the Waikato and Bay of Plenty, so we are often found exploring neat places around the regions.


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