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Colin Oliver
Produco Limited

I was in the middle of a business coaching session with Glenn Marvin, and he was reminding me about my need to outsource some of my back office administration to ease my workload.

My initial concerns over using a remote or virtual consultant, was how would it work when we weren’t face to face.  While Mel’s business is set up to provide virtual administration, one of the great things about Mel was her availability to also work from my office in Hamilton.  So I guess she’s not strictly virtual, which works well for me and my team.

Now that we’ve been working together for some time, certain pain points that were niggling away have been eased.  Mel has been updating our Employee Agreements and HR documentation, as well as our Company Terms and Conditions. She has also been working on creation of company and client templates for our project work.  She has also been helping us plan and organise our first ever Networking Event for Food & Quality Professionals.  Mel has made some suggestions regarding back office systems that have streamlined things for us very quickly.

I would recommend Mel’s services to any solopreneur or small-medium business like ours.  Mel will make an immediate impact by taking charge of some of those niggling pains! 

Sharon Crocombe-Woodward

Sharon Crocombe-Woodward
CW Chartered Accountants Ltd

I met Melanie at a Waikato Chamber of Commerce event.

I am always looking out for other businesses that would be of value to existing clients and other professionals in my network.

This was my first time engaging a virtual assistant, so I needed to balance the costs and ensure the service was of a high standard.

I could relate with Melanie’s background and as I like to assist people new to business. I was interested to trial her services for some professional documentation I required. As a Chartered Accountant I feel there is not enough ongoing support for new business and quite often this has a major impact on the survival of the business.

I did not want to have to commit to certain hours per week so being able to sign up via a casual agreement has worked brilliantly. As my practice grows there will be more opportunities in which I will continue to work with Melanie.

I engaged Melanie’s services to set up and ensure my company documents and templates looked professional. I also had a brochure set up for a workshop. Melanie also recommended LastPass for the safe security of all my logons and passwords, which in turn I am now using.

I recommend Melanie to any business owner that wants to ensure their business documentation is professional. Melanie can also review your current systems and provide advice on systems and software to streamline your processes and workflow.

Jon-Paul Hale
Willowgrove Consulting

If you're looking for an administrator who can pick things up and run, Mel is the one you need to start with. Mel has recently started with us and has done a stunning job of getting things in order! Thanks Mel!

As a VA Mel's capability to deal with a wide variety of technological requirements made the transition and hand over seamless even with distance.

Mel's introduction of ideas and tools to date has been very helpful and long may it continue!