Personal Assistance

You need help managing your day so you can focus on money making activities.  If you’re finding that you're getting bogged down with the details, I can help with that. Assisting you to be more organised is what I love to do:

/  Calendar management & appointment setting
/  Travel coordination (domestic & international)
/  Sourcing quotes & purchasing on your behalf
/  Booking conferences, workshops or training sessions
/  Client gifting

Virtual Personal assistance services in New Zealand

Small business administration

I get it!  Setting up a business is challenging, but it doesn’t have to be all done at once.  If you aren’t good at something, or it's taking up time that could be better spent, then I am happy to step in and take charge.  I can help you with:

/  Business templates (email signatures, letterhead, reports, PowerPoint)
/  Business card design
/  Social media page setup, including custom designed templates for your posts, header layouts etc (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin)
/  G-Suite or Microsoft 365 Setup/  Purchasing - stationery, office furniture

Melanco Consulting provide SME virtual office administration

Productivity systems advice & training

Reviewing your business systems, I will make recommendations for improvement.  Some of my favourite productivity tools I can help you with:

/  Password security & protection using Lastpass
/  Project management setup using Trello or Airtable
/  G-Suite or Microsoft setup & training
/  Time Tracking for better productivity using Harvest
/  Loom for recording your processes or internal training instructions for your team

Melanco Consulting can help you set up the best office systems and tools for your SME business or consultancy

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