At Melanco Consulting, I provide freelance, virtual personal assistance and design services so you can focus on doing what you love.


My name is Melanie Cosford and I'm the No. 1 VA and boss lady here at Melanco Consulting.

Melanco Consulting was established in 2018, when I decided not to return to full time work after having my daughter.  The time was perfect to take the leap into self employment!

Bringing with me 20 plus years experience across several industries.  I knew it was time to set up my own business when I saw so many small-medium business owners struggling to keep up with their operations while maintaining a sense of sanity.

Prior to launching my business, I worked as a CEO’s Assistant for FMCG.  The pace was fast, and I found myself doing everything from data entry through to event management and board secretarial tasks.

My career has spanned three countries; New Zealand, England and Australia.  Mainly in administrative roles, but I also spent a couple of years as a nanny in London, which I loved.

Having launched my own business, I got a real kick out of setting everything up.  Looking at the best systems to use, creating a website, social media accounts, logos, branding and everything in between.

I also love to teach, so as well as helping you get your life and business in order, I can also train you to use the systems we put in place.

“My initial concerns over working with a remote or virtual PA, was how would it work when we weren’t face to face.  While Mel’s business is set up to provide virtual personal assistance, one of the great things about Mel was her availability to also work from my office in Hamilton.  So I guess she’s not strictly virtual, which works well for me and my team.”Colin Oliver, Produco


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