Supporting business owners through difficult times with flexible virtual assistance

Virtual assistance and small business administration for service based business owners who don't want ordinary.

COVID-19 update

It's business as usual here at Melanco Consulting during the lockdown.  Luckily with the nature of a virtual business, it means we are already set up and ready to go.  We can help you through this uncertain time by providing advice on how to work from home, and assisting you with any ad-hoc small jobs that still need to be done.  Contact me for a free Zoom call and we can chat over sub par instant coffee with our kids running around in the background!

You’re a fast paced, no nonsense, service-based business owner

You’re an entrepreneur, consultant, business coach or small-medium business owner, who needs help navigating these uncertain times.  You still have a steady client base, but now working from home, it's even more challenging playing that juggling game of keeping clients and family happy.

You may have been in business for a short time, or be more established, but you’re finding it difficult and time consuming keeping on top of your office administration.  Now that you're working remotely full time, you feel as though you have to do everything yourself.  The problem with this is you are doing all that admin work that you aren't great at or very fast at.  It would be much more productive if you could outsource a little of the load, so you can give 100% to your client base and family.  They really need you right now!

Being a business owner is hard at the best of times.  But we're all in this together.  Outsourcing is key to enable you to focus on the money making parts of your business.  That’s where I come in.

Hi, I'm Mel,

​I’m your future chief admin wrangler, and will virtually assist you to get your business admin in order.

Melanco Consulting are your small-medium businesses secret weapon.  I work with business owners, consultants and coaches throughout New Zealand to help them get control over their growing to do lists.

I provide specialist virtual support from personal assistant services, event management, through to graphic design and document formatting.

If you are unsure about the types of things you can delegate to a virtual assistant, you can directly download my list below.

Have a look around and have a great day!

To help you figure out the sort of things a VA can do, I've created this handy guide for download - 51 things to delegate to a New Zealand Virtual Assistant (no email required)

Here's what some of our clients are saying about us

Colin Oliver
Produco Limited
Hamilton, NZ

"I would recommend Mel’s services to any solopreneur or small-medium business like ours.  Mel will make an immediate impact by taking charge of some of those niggling pains!"

Sharon Crocombe-Woodward
CW Chartered Accountants Limited
Hamilton, NZ

"I recommend Melanie to any business owner that wants to ensure their business documentation is professional. Melanie can also review your current systems and provide advice on systems and software to streamline your processes and workflow."

Jon-Paul Hale
Willowgrove Consulting
Auckland, NZ

"As a VA Mel's capability to deal with a wide variety of technological requirements made the transition and hand over seamless even with distance."

What do you really need to outsource?

How much does a New Zealand virtual assistant cost

Using a virtual assistant can save you money!

Did you know that by outsourcing, instead of hiring, you can save money!  Think of all the things you won’t have to worry about or pay for when it comes to hiring team members.

By working with a virtual consultant, you won’t have to worry about any of the usual employee costs such as leave, income tax, Kiwisaver, ACC, Insurance, Subscriptions (software, accounting etc), office equipment or training (apart from the necessary onboarding of course!)  You pay an hourly rate or monthly service package, and that’s all!


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