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Online tools & applications for for a growing business

Financial project management

Workflowmax – if you have a lot of projects, where you need to manage milestones, client info, quotes, and time sheet entry for yourself and/or employees and contractors, then Workflowmax is a great option.  It has some pretty powerful reporting features too.  Bonus is it integrates with Xero. 

Client relationship management (CRM)

Hubspot – I bet you have been overwhelmed with the options out there!  Me too!  Sometimes when you are starting out, you only need a CRM with a few tools, and Hubspot is a really great place to start.  As your business grows, so too do your options to move up to the paid plans within the application.

Project management

Trello or Airtable – both are great options and have free versions which are a great place to start.  If you love spreadsheets, then Airtable is amazing and powerful.  Trello is also great for keeping track of projects and tasks.  Using automation within, takes it up another level.

Screen recording

Do you have processes you want to record for team members, or just to keep your business systems in order?  Loom is an awesome free tool that you can use instead of writing down notes and doing screen grabs to make a instructional tutorial for your team.  Simply press record and you can record yourself doing a process.  Hope around from different applications.  You can do this with or without a picture of yourself as the ‘tutor’.


Zapier – do you have actions you repeat over and over again?

Using automations can save you so much time!  A little bit of time to set up each automation, will save you many future hours.

About the author

Melanie Cosford juggles being a mum to her 5 year old daughter with running her own small business Melanco Consulting in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Passionate about designing beautiful and affordable websites, she loves to embrace the latest technology to make you stand out online.  She also gets a real kick out of implementing a new system or app into a business to help her clients be more productive.


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