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Video Editing with Loom and Windows Video Editor

Do you need to record some of your processes for your business, but don't want to write it all out. How about using Loom to record a video. Loom has a 5 minute recording limit for the free plan, but I get around this by using another free tool which is Windows Video Editor.

I've recorded a quick video to show you how. If you need help recording your business processes, or putting in place some great systems, get in touch for a free consult.

About the author

Melanie Cosford juggles being a mum to her 5 year old daughter with running her own small business Melanco Consulting in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Passionate about designing beautiful and affordable websites, she loves to embrace the latest technology to make you stand out online. She also gets a real kick out of implementing a new system or app into a business to help her clients be more productive.


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