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The best online tools & apps that I can't live without

I have a handful of must have tools and applications I can’t live without and use daily in my business....

August 21, 2020

Online tools & applications for for a growing business

Workflowmax – if you have a lot of projects, where you need to manage milestones, client info, quotes, and time sheet entry for yourself and/or employees and contractors, then Workflowmax is a great option.  It has some pretty powerful reporting features too.  Bonus is it integrates with Xero. ...

April 20, 2020

Top 5 tips for using technology to make working remotely a breeze

In 2020, employers are embracing more flexible working arrangements to support their growing teams and to retain great team members.  Gone are the days where your employee has to be sitting at a desk in a leased office space in order to perform their duties. Thankfully, there are some fantastic free (if not, very budget friendly) apps out there that can make working virtually a smooth process.These are my top recommendations to get you started if you need to work remotely for any perio...

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